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Learn a Revolutionary Method for Resolving Pain, Preventing Injuries, and Enhancing Athletic Performance.

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A Revolutionary Method for Resolving Pain, Preventing Injuries and Enhancing Athletic Performance.

Is your income less than you want it to be?

Have you considered training as a Movement Stretch Therapist?

Do you want to help people and make more of an impact?

Take charge of your income and future with our world-class 3-in-1 Stretch Therapist Training Program.

Whether you want to transition to a new career as a full-time certified Therapist, upgrade your professional skills, or earn additional income alongside your existing work, the NAMS Movement Stretch Therapy Training Program will get you where you want to go. Our Therapists charge their Clients up to $100 to $249/hour and typically earn their investment back in just a few clients...

Becoming a Certified Movement Method Practitioner is the fast-track way to creating a deeply fulfilling life by helping others unlock their Movement and Physical Freedom.

How To Become a Certified Movement Stretch Therapist:

Start Your Professional Stretch Therapy Career!

The National Academy of Movement Science has been empowering Therapists in the Movement Method and skill of Movement Stretch Therapy to become a key player in a revolutionary method that is flipping the fitness and wellness industry right side up.

The first step is earning your Movement Stretch Therapy Certification through NAMS.

Students are helping people resolve chronic pain, prevent injury and enhance athletic performance with unparalleled satisfaction because of the techniques used to get results.

If you want to enhance movement and have the knowledge to impact those that you work with, this is the source.



Trying to figure out if you should make an impact as a Hands on Therapist, 1-on-1 Coach (In Person/Online) or Group Instructor? With Movement Academy Training you don’t need to decide. We teach you all three!


We use a combination of online and in person 3 day workshop to teach you the knowledge and skills you need to help clients reach their physical freedom goals!


Service your existing customers in your business by adding this new service or start a new business or career working at home.


Become part of an incredible community of students and Professionals. Tap into life-changing business opportunities and friendships. Belong to a network of like-minded people!

In 10 to 12 weeks you could be an NAMS Certified Movement Stretch Therapist— setting your own hours and enjoying the job security of working in an essential industry that’s growing fast!

NAMS’s exclusive Movement Method™ (MM™)

NAMS’s Stretch Therapy training program is developed with NAMS’s exclusive Movement Method™ (MM™), an industry-first comprehensive therapy system based on scientific, evidence-based research, making it easier to design client's therapy programs to help clients achieve their goals.

Unwind - Realign - Reprogram

Why Movement Stretch Therapy

Our modern world has us repeating movement patterns like sitting hunched over at a computer for hours each day. Movement Stretch Therapy is disrupting the wellness industry by restoring our natural body's natural movement and posture through unwinding tightness, body realignment and reprogramming movement patterns a process called the Movement Method.

The combination of Movement Stretch Therapy with other modalities—such as massage therapy, chiropractic, postural therapy, traditional physical therapy, and yoga—has led to an surge in success for therapists in preventing and resolving chronic pain and in increasing functional mobility in clients.

Our Belief

Chronic pain and bodily, dysfunction or poor performance is often caused by the body being tight resulting in the body being out of alignment. Our Therapy gives the client the opportunity to put their body back into balance, releasing tightness, eliminating dysfunction and allowing the body to heal and restore itself naturally.

Our Program

The Movement Method™ Certified Stretch Therapist will learn precisely how we at the Movement Academy look at the body. The program is fun, interactive, favors an immersion approach allowing students to grow their skills and have more to offer clients. Just like learning a foreign language, results are best when students surround themselves with the Movement Method at every opportunity. The Movement Academy will provide advice on how to best integrate the Movement Method Stretch Therapy into an existing therapy practice. You will be delivering a very high level of therapy quicker than you might expect opening up your career and business opportunities.

Our Certification Program

Become a Movement Method Stretch Therapist with our Online Certification Program.

You'll earn your 3-in-1 MST Certification and as a Certified Movement Stretch Therapist be able to start providing clients with 1 on 1 Hands on Assisted Stretch Therapy, Live/Online Coaching or Group Instruction.

You will learn the Movement Method for safe, effective, and permanent relief from chronic pain without prescription painkillers or invasive surgery.

Learn how to target and unwind tight movement points in the body without causing pain, realign and balance the body's posture, and reprogram and optimize movement patterns.

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