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Take Control of Your Future to Have More Impact, Freedom and Fulfillment. A Certification from the Movement Academy is an investment in your future.
Movement Academy is the home of
the world's top Movement Specialists.
Helping you master the knowledge and skills to maximize performance, actualize physical freedom potential and help anyone achieve an upgraded body, mind and active lifestyle.

In the Movement Academy Level 1 Certification we’ll give you everything you need to confidently help people—in one proven system.

You'll learn to thrive living what you've learned taking your body, mind and physical freedom to new limits.
Reach your professional and business goals with personalized coaching from Seth Thurston and his team.

The National Academy of Movement Science Mentor Coach Program is conducted in with Seth and one of our highly-qualified NAMS-credentialed Specialist Training team to help coach you to launch and realize your vision. 

This is the ultimate way to get the guidance necessary to apply Seth’s extensive knowledge and experience directly to you and your personal, professional and business goals.
The potential rewards in owning an Movement Studio begins with the lives you will touch. Few opportunities allow you to help people reach their goals and realize the possibility of living a pain-free, active lifestyle. Our clinics are about making a difference. 
Become A Key Player In Revolutionizing People's Physical Freedom By Having The Knowledge and Skills To Do Your Part Helping Them Look, Feel And Perform Their Best!
The National Academy of Movement Science Supports Your Vision By Helping You Succeed At Every Level...
Our Mission
Our purpose is to help people from all over the world to become physically free, realize their performance potential and live active lives through Movement Optimization also called Movement Hacking.
Who We Are
No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your story is, you'll find a friendly, welcoming, supportive community at NASM. That's who we are — a community that measures itself not by whom we exclude, but by whom we include and how they succeed in helping others and making an impact of their own.

An academic powerhouse
Be inspired to live your best life - At National Academy of Movement Science, we help you harness your passion for the body, movement and helping others by giving you the top teachers, access professionals and industry leaders from all over the world. 

With our unique, immersive and comprehensive learning experience you'll be able to fulfill your dreams through gaining the knowledge, skills and experience to help make a difference and an impact in peoples lives. 

Find your fit
You probably have a lot of reasons to get Certified — At NAMS you'll join a community that will help you explore your passion, expand your horizons, prepare for your career, start building your network. Just as there are many reasons to get Certified, there are many ways to be successful once you’re there. 

Get to where you want to be in life
Through quality academics, immersive skills training, mentorship coaching, enrichment opportunities and support from friends and faculty, you’ll graduate prepared to accomplish your goals throughout your life.
I am A Future
If you are a future:
Graduate Movement Specialist
Movement Mentor
Studio Visionary

We empower you to create your impact, legacy leveraging your passion through the science of Movement Hacking giving your clients the gift of Physical Freedom.

The National Academy of Movement Science has been empowering Specialists in the Movement Method and skill of Movement Optimization to become a key players in a revolutionary method that is flipping the health and movement industry right side up.
Future Movement Specialist
The first step is earning your Movement Specialist Certification through NAMS. Our 4-In-1 Certification Training Program sets you apart and students are helping people resolve chronic pain, prevent injury and enhance athletic performance and physique with unparalleled satisfaction because of the techniques used to get results.

No matter if you want to:
Become the highest level recognized professional...
Elevate your impact by adding new skills and services to what you're currently doing...
Or open your very own studio in your community...

We help you develop the skills to succeed at every stage of your career no matter what your goals or where you are at in your journey.

If you want to enhance movement and have the knowledge to impact those that you work with, this is the source.
Future Studio Visionaries
Join the revolution and partner with us to help clients in need by stepping up as a leader and visionary owning your own Movement Studio. Hiring, mentoring, enabling and giving other Movement Specialists their chance to make an impact in the community and by doing so make yours as well.

Build your future and others while simultaneously making a massive impact in peoples lives.
Unlocked Audrey's Potential, Quality of Life and Overall Happiness...
"I came to Seth because of a few Ironman and Triathlons long term injuries... Once I start coming the combination of workouts and stretching I was able to not only able to lift more but it improved my quality of life... my strength, my ability, confidence, and overall happiness increased tremendously getting back to where I once was... And I can see that my future is looking really bright! " - Audrey
Helped Dave Recover From His Knee Replacement...
"I had a knee replacement and it's was very painful and I've been working with Seth 2 months on this and I'm doing 100% better than I was with a physical therapist. It's really made a tremendous difference for me." - Dave
Dana Renewed His Physically Freedom to Hike And Workout Again...
I start coming here because I had severe back and neck pain from surgery... I was so limited... Since I'm been stretching properly it's given me a whole new freedom for the gym, hitting the mountain and not being afraid I'm going to hurt my back again... I can hike so much further and so much easier. My performance has gone up tremendously from 0 to 100% I mean literally from poor performance to what can be described as my old self. -Dana
Helped Pam Finally Relieved Her Chronic Pain And Resolved Her Injury
"This has been a miracle for me, I've always struggled with stretching and it's really made my whole body feel less pain. I recommend this to anyone. I'm 65. Gotta recover. So important. Pain from my leg injury is almost 100% gone. " - Pam
Matt Achieved His Dream of Playing Quarterback for Power 5 Pack 10 Team
"My dream was to play for a power 5 pac-10 football team. Ended up feeling physical pain in my throwing shoulder & knee. After going to movement stretch therapy everything had improved, less pain, more mobility and better performance." - Matthew Ryan
Kathleen Enhanced Her Workouts, Yoga Practice & Everyday Life
"Even though I do yoga, I get tight. And you can't get into the stretches the way they do here with the assisted stretching... So I love it. Helps my workouts. Love the sauna as well. Feels amazing. " - Kathleen
Helped Jaqueline Be, Move and Feel Younger Through Life
"I heard about Seth and his Movement Therapy and Coaching Program and I had to try it... Now I'm moving through life with ease and grace and overall a much greater mood!" - Jaqueline 
Naturopathic Medical Doctor Recommends Movement Therapy
"I'm a naturopathic doctor, this session was great, very helpful recover from workouts and better workouts moving forward. It's like a stretch combined with a massage." - Janet
Judy's Ankle Pain Has Disappeared Giving Her Confidence When She Walks...
"I feel great, I feel more balanced, assured on my feet at my age I do not want to fall and I feel confident that I won't... I don't have the pain in my ankle. My hips are so much looser. -Judy
Soccer Athlete Enhanced Performance and Speed Recovery for Competition
"It's helped loosen up my hips, helped with my performance and recovery. " Phil Jackson
Donna Easily Passed Her Air-force Fitness Test And Lost 26 lbs
Donna received the first ever Fearless Movement Hacker Award for achieving her airforce fitness test. Went from 0 pushups to doing 30 in a minute,  maxed out situps and lost 26 pounds in 3 months. We're so excited for her. Go Donna!!
Carlyl Gained An Edge Ranking 4th Place In Triathlon
Carlyl received the Fearless Movement hacker award for finishing 4th in his Xterra Triathlon. Once of the things he did to gain an edge is coming to Movement Studio once a week to increase mobility, recovery faster, prevent pain and enhance his performance.
Movement Hacking On The News
"We're talking about Hacking but the good kind. We're talking about Movement Hacking..." - Arrianee Lebeau
Movement Stretch Studio On The News
"I just got stretched by Courtney here and she brought my entire life back to my body..." - Arrianee Lebeau
Are You Ready To Create Your Impact And Start Your Journey?
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  • Realize Your Future
  • Multiple Paths to Success
  • Comprehensive Training & Unparalleled Support
  • Unlimited Growth Potential
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