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Learn a Revolutionary Method for Resolving Pain, Preventing Injuries, and Enhancing Athletic Performance.
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A Revolutionary Method for Resolving Pain, Preventing Injuries and Enhancing Athletic Performance.
Take charge of your income and future with our world-class 3-in-1 Practitioner Training Workshop.
Whether you want to transition to a new career as a full-time certified practitioner, upgrade your professional skills, or earn additional income alongside your existing work, the Movement Method Practitioner Training workshop will get you where you want to go. 

Our practitioners charge their clients up to $90/hour and typically earn their investment back in just a few clients...
Becoming a Certified Movement Method Practitioner is the fast-track way to creating a deeply fulfilling life by helping others unlock their potential.

Who We Are

The Academy was initially created to help health professionals all over the world expand their skills and abilities to impact the lives of their clients through assisted stretch therapy and various movement hacks.

Our Certified Practitioners are currently at the forefront of the modern-day self-care health paradigm as we are now enrolling personal trainers, massage therapists, and other body and health workers in our certification track. 

For those students pursuing opening a Stretch Studio, the Movement Stretch Therapy Skills are required help you understand that the body has an incredible ability to heal and optimize functional output through our Method. That is precisely why the Academy focuses on expert-driven therapy model. We're looking forward to getting you thinking outside of the box!


Trying to figure out if you should make an impact as a Hands on Therapist, 1-on-1 Coach (In Person/Online) or Group Instructor? With Movement Method Training you don’t need to decide. We teach you all three!
We use a combination of online and in person 3 day workshop to teach you the knowledge and skills you need to help clients reach their physical freedom goals!
Service your existing customers in your business by adding this new service or start a new business or career working at home.
Become part of an incredible community of students and Professionals. Tap into life-changing business opportunities and friendships. Belong to a network of like-minded people!

Kickstart Your Professional Career!

Are you dissatisfied with your current work or life?
Do you want to upgrade your professional skills and make a greater impact?
Are you looking to help people as a professional practitioner & earn extra income?
If so, welcome–you’re in the right place!
We help motivated people like you become highly effective Certified Practitioners.
The Movement Method:
Become a key player in a revolutionary method that is flipping the fitness and wellness industry right side up.

Students are helping people resolve chronic pain, prevent injury and enhance athletic performance with unparalleled satisfaction because of the techniques used to get results.

If you want to enhance movement and have the knowledge to impact those that you work with, this is the source.
Unwind - Realign - Reprogram
Level 1: Movement Stretch Therapy (MST) Certification
Become a Movement Method™ Certified Stretch Therapist with our MST Certification. The MSTC provides the basis for all Movement Method tracks. As the foundation for all Academy work, students will learn precisely how we at The Movement Academy look at the body. The program is fun, interactive, and favors an immersion approach. Just like learning a foreign language, results are best when students surround themselves with the Method at every opportunity. With all the tools the Academy provides its students, you will be delivering a very high level of therapy quicker than you might expect. 
Level 2: Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS) Certification
Requirements: Level 1: Postural Alignment Specialist Certification
Level 3: Human Biomechanics Specialist (HMS) Certification
Requirements: Level 2: Postural Alignment Specialist Certification
Movement Stretch Therapy Certification Workshop
Become a Movement Method Practitioner During Our 3-Day Hands on Workshop.

You'll earn your 3-in-1 MST Certification and as a Certified Movement Stretch Therapist be able to start providing clients with 1 on 1 Hands on Assisted Stretch Therapy, Live/Online Coaching or Group Instruction.

You will learn the Movement Method for safe, effective, and permanent relief from chronic pain without prescription painkillers or invasive surgery.

Learn how to target and unwind tight movement points in the body without causing pain.

Learn how to optimize human movement and so much more!
What You'll Learn At The Workshop:
3-IN-1 Certification
Earn your prestigious accolade MM-CMST and the knowledge, skills and ability to help clients get results fast.

Get Experience & Quickly Build Resume
You'll get 24 hours practice observed under live instruction with our Elite Therapists during the 3-Day Workshop. Our program gives you the opportunity to get 100, 250 and 500 hours of additional experience so you have the hands on experience, confidence and resume credibility to get a job or start a business with hundreds of real customers raving about the proven results you helped them achieve. We also have Expert Coaching available to get 1-on-1 coaching from an Elite Therapist to improve your practice get stretched by an Elite and stretch an Elite to get Expert feedback. You'll also qualify to apply for internship to work directly with us.

Expert Talking Scripts
We are going to teach and give you the exact scripts that we developed over the last 10 years so you talk and sound like the Expert you have become LIKE you've been doing this for 10 years. This includes the answers to all questions questions clients might ask, explaining your services articulately in a way the customer clearly understands & desires and how to recommend and sell your services to new customers in a natural smooth flow.

Perfect Experience Framework
Customers want you to be good but they also expect you to deliver your services in an experience that they enjoy, feel comfortable and want to come back to continue getting results. So we will give you the exact process to deliver your results to the customer so that they ENJOY getting results and look forward to getting your services to solve their problems.

Passion into IMPACT (Profit) System
We'll work with you to turn your passion for helping people become physically free into a plan for your financial freedom. Our proven system will help you quickly spread the word to people that need your help and make an impact faster than you can imagine...

Eligible to Apply for Skills Mastery Internship
Master what you've learned faster by working along side Seth and his team at Movement Stretch Studio. 

Guides, Checklists, Templates and Resources
Jump start your career or business with our done-for-you step by step resources that you can implement and follow right away to make your dream a reality!

Eligible to Apply for IMPACT Business Coaching
After completing your skills training and receiving your Certification to practice the Movement Method you'll be eligible to apply to IMPACT Business Coaching Program by Seth Thurston. Working with Seth personally 1-on-1 to start YOUR Movement and create an IMPACT.
Movement Professionals:

Seth Thurston, CMST/CPT

Seth Thurston is a Movement Expert with a background in anatomy and physiology, creator of the Movement Method, and Founder of the Movement Academy.

With over 15 years of experience in health and fitness industry, Seth has transformed lives and empowered people to live life without limits through pain free movement, faster recovery and enhanced physical performance.

He has worked with clients looking for safe, effective and permanent relief from pain, professional athletes looking to prevent injury and maximize their performance while experiencing life to the fullest.

Seth's devotion to helping people achieve their physical potential inspired him to create The Fit District encompassing Movement Stretch Studio and Thurston Personal Training.

Jason Paladino, PT, ATC

Jason Paladino is a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer who has 20 years of experience in outpatient orthopedic clinics as a Clinical Director. He has kept his standards high with the focus on providing quality of care in an environment which provides holistic care to not only the body but a bigger focus and education of treating the mind and the soul. 

Jason's mission is to help those who want their life back and are not content with where they are physically and emotionally. His passion is in the community providing an avenue to serve the area high schools on the sports medicine teams. He runs a non profit organization called the AZ Family Fit Camp. He is also the founder of Spartan Football Club in Vistancia and Visancia Mountain Biking Club.

Adam Cargo - Professional Ballet Dancer 

Brandon Taylor - Navy Seal Medic

September 18-20, 2020

Movement Stretch Studio
Phoenix, AZ

Scholarship Special ONLY $697
Normally $1,997

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